What is a Cookie

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of information sent to your browser which contains information about settings you changed on a web site. For example, if you go to an on-line bookstore and put 3 books in your cart but then decide that you want to purchase those books later, the web site will send a cookie to your browser with information on
what books you selected. When you visit that site again, the cookie will be sent back to the site, and the site will display "where you left off."

While some have theorized that cookies may be being used to track information on your actions on a web site for advertisement or monitoring purposes, cookies can be considered a valuable and harmless tool for web sites to use to "save your settings" for a particular page.

Good sources of information on cookies are located within the links below:
http://www.cookiecentral.comMicrosoft's and Netscape's definitions of a cookie


Internet Explorer

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