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November 18th, 2013

Pay ahead and earn a free month of service

Keeping tradition with Christmas Holiday Specials, COLI is offering free service for a month, if you pay ahead for year at once.  When you sign up and pay for a 12-month service plan between November 18th 2013 and before Friday, November 29th 2013, COLI will give you the next month FREE!  You will be getting 13-months of service for the price of 12! (12 month prepay discounts do still apply)

If you are interested, please contact our office and one of our helpful staff members will give you complete pricing for your service.

*As with all of our prepayment plans, we cannot offer refunds, so make sure that you or someone else you know can use our service this entire time if you need to cancel. 

 New faster speeds, 5G Rate now available in some areas

We at COLI, over the last year have been upgrading our backhaul links to support wireless speeds never seen before in Northern Michigan.  To accommodate these speeds, we have also added 5 times more internet bandwidth from our upstream carriers. 

What does this mean to you?  We now have 2 new wireless plans for those areas that are able to receive this new faster speed.    If we can upgrade to 5G remotely and without a service call its $50 for a one time upgrade fee, if a service call is needed to replace the radio, its a $75 one time upgrade fee.  Please contact us to see if you are interested and we will be able to verify if its possible.

Check our website for more information about these plans including the new speeds.  
Website for: Residential Customers or Business Customers.

Online Backup Solution Partnership!

Never Lose your important documents, pictures, email, or files.  Signup for Online Backup with Backblaze for a low monthly fee of $5 a month.  Save $25 when you buy 2 years.

COLI Inc has partnered with Backblaze, one of the leading online backup companies to give you the ability to never loose your files again.

With more and more people storing important pictures and emails on there computers.  What if you lost all those files?  Would it be worth $50 / year to have them locked away and encrypted somewhere other then on your computer.   What if your house caught fire and all your data was damaged, what if your computer got a virus or was stolen?  What if?

Stop the What if's.  Never worry about your data again.  Sign up for online backup and join the millions that have their data safe and secured.   No need to worry any longer, your data will be safe and worry free for as long as you need it to be. 

Try Backblaze today by clicking here.  Get unlimited data storage for a low monthly fee of $5/month.  15 Day Free Trial is also available.

If you would like us to help you setup Backblaze on your computer by remoting into your computer we can do this for $60.


Save Money by using COLI Fax Service!

Save up to $45 dollars or more by getting rid of your dedicated fax phone land line.  COLI Fax is a new service provided by COLI Inc. and we are offering this service for only $15 / Month*.  Call for more questions or information.

  • For the Non-Techy, it works just like you are used to.  Type in the phone number on your MFP (Multifunction Printer) or fax machine and send the fax, just like before.  When someone sends you a fax, your fax printer will automatically print the fax for you.  

  • For the Techy, it adds many features that are not available when you fax the traditional way.  Some of these features are: fax to email, email to fax, application to fax, online access to view your faxes, and more.   

*When paying the activation fee of $109, which includes the fax enabled device

Click here for more information. about the COLI Fax service. 

COLI Fiber Optic Network and the Future

This past year, COLI has been getting ready for the future of the Internet.  When COLI started back in 1996, we have had a vision to provide the best service to our customers.  We started by offering dialup service, then when that was getting too slow, we started to offer wireless internet service to our customers.  Now, the future is here, last spring and into the summer, we buried 7 miles of fiber optic cable down Rapid City Rd.  This Fiber Optic cable has a dual purpose.  We are now using part of it, to get a direct connection to Chicago, to connect to a Teir 1 Internet Provider for our bandwidth needs. 

The other fibers are for customer use.  We are planning on connecting customers on Rapid City Rd directly to this newly ran fiber.  This means, these customers are going to be able to get an ultra, fast, reliable, future proof connection to the internet.   These connections are how the internet works.  Its the very best possible connection to the internet with the capability of speeds that is unheard of in our area. 

For those on Rapid City Rd. (Between Hill Rd and Rapid City), we will be postings more details in the coming months about packages and pricing.    For those not able to connect into this network and are in the Rapid City area, we will be expanding this network in the near future.

In the meantime, we will be always looking for new access points to reach new customers and also upgrading the network to support faster and faster speeds.