Webmail Help Guide

Submitted by: joe on 4/2/2012 10:32:06 AM

For those users needing to know more about the new webmail application.  If you are having trouble viewing the messages and clicking on buttons in the webmail, we have found that if you use the basic setting on the login page, this corrects these issues. 

The default Standard (high-speed connection) selection is an enhanced Ajax (java-script) version of the webmail, which takes advantage of the features of newer web browsers.  If you have an newer web browser, we recommend using this setting, but if you are having any problems reading messages, clicking on buttons, etc, then we suggest you use the basic setting when logging into the webmail.   There is a help file button in the webmail for further help.  It can also be viewed by clicking on this link as well. 

If you wish to use a email client software such as Outlook Express / Windows Live Mail / Thunderbird / or other email client software and not use the webmail.  Please either refer to the setup directions located in our knowledge base or please give us a call and we can help set this up.